The Oxford Yard

In 1954, while on a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford University, a 25 year old Bob Hawke is caught without his gown in the prestigious university's dining hall. A strict clothing requirement of all students.

His penalty, as dictated by Oxford tradition, was to challenge the presiding ‘sconce master’ in a race to drink a yard (1.4L) of beer. If he loses, he must buy a round for all present.

Knowing he can’t afford to buy a round, Bob drains the yard glass in 11 seconds, not only beating the sconce master, but breaking the world record.

70 years later, a brass plaque and an iconic yard glass is installed at Oxford's Turf Tavern by Australian students to commemorate his legendary feat.

The stuff of legend.

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(Above photo: Australian students at Oxford gathered at the Turf Tavern recently to mark 70 years since Bob's world-record skol)